Stop The Frack Attack Washington DC Rally Day!

I woke up on Stop the Frack Attack rally day around 10:30 AM with a slight headache which bummed me out because I knew it would be a long day ahead. I hurriedly got ready and headed down stairs for breakfast with Angela Fox and her gang. We got the banners sorted out, put buttons on, ribbons in our hair and made sure everyone around knew where we were going. I was surprised by how many people followed us when they heard what it was we were marching for. Clean water for our children definitely strikes a chord inside people.

Stop the frack attack photos, hydraulic fracturing protest

When it was time to leave the hotel we rolled out the large banner and started marching. We marched to the West lawn of the Capital building. We were pretty early but there were quite a few people already camped out. We walked around, took pictures of people and their signs, allowed them to take pictures of our signs and banner and in general just made some new friends and contacts. I searched around for people from Dryden, where my property is in New York. Luckily I finally found a few people and made fast friends. After a nice conversation and promises of meeting up for dinner in the future it was time to move on. It was a very zen meet up on the Hill. Everyone was at peace with one another, no one was protesting against us, it was just zen.

Once the rally got rolling it began getting really crowded and the heat just kept rising. I started feeling really awful and couldn’t get enough water, luckily I had brought my large Camelbak bottle (a thank you gift from Matt Damon for my work with and there were plenty of water stations to refill. We listened to many speakers explain to us how Fracking has effected their land and what they want done about it. Numerous people have plans to change the way Government and the Oil companies think and I have huge amounts of respect for these people. I stand behind their efforts.

stop the frack attack oil rigs, hydraulic fracturing oil rigs, stop the frack attack protest

After many interviews, tons of pictures and more speakers than I could count I was done. I was praying for the end. Just let it end people. I was willing to write a check for whatever amount would make it end. It was just so hot and I couldn’t stand it. No one could, it wasn’t just me, our whole group had wilted. If I had to hear one more folk song or one more hippy poem about the dangers of contaminating the water I was calling a car to come and get me. It wasn’t my proudest moment but I bet you a ton of people would have tried to pile in with me!

Finally it was time to march. I figured I’d just skip that part because I was beyond done, but my new friend Kathleen was a really great inspiration and so off we went. We marched and marched. I saw so many things, so many interesting people, some terrifying crazy people who give causes such as this a bad name. We stopped at both the American Natural Gas Alliance and the American Petroleum Institute, both who say Hydraulic Fracturing is perfectly safe for our water, but we disagree and thanks to Tour De Frack we had gallons of water to prove it!

Now that this is all said and done I can honestly tell you I’m more of a gala girl. I’d rather buy an expensive ticket to something and then dance the night away in a fancy gown still supporting my cause. Or possibly take part in something a little less out in the sun and energy exerting. But you know what, I did this and I’m really proud of myself. I’m not saying I won’t do it again because I might. I’m just saying it wasn’t exactly “my bag”. But I’ve surprised people in the past so what’s not to say I won’t do it again.



  1. Jennifer P. says:

    I love your honesty because so much of this fight isn’t my thing but now it is. I’ve done things I would never imagine myself doing. It has opened my eyes and changed my life.

  2. Karen says:

    I am really proud of you for standing up for what you believe in. Fracking affects us all–water is a precious resource that we all need to sustain life–and polluting it in any way needs to stop.

  3. Wish I could have gone too. it is a great cause. When I went to the Green Our Vaccines rally in DC a few years ago it was HOT too. We walked and protested and listened and sweated our butts off, but it really was worth it. It may not have changed people’s minds, I don’t know, but I know I did my part. So did you with this! way to go.

  4. Henrietta says:

    Standing up and doing something about a cause you believe in is something that we all need to do more often, whether it’s outside or inside, how awesome are you! Great job!

  5. Jai says:

    Great cause. Thank you for raising your voice and getting some attention to this issue.

  6. Rachel says:

    Girl, that sounds exhausting – I’m definitely in the ‘ball/gala’ side of things, although I think this march was a good thing – thank you for going!!

  7. Mandy says:

    I’m glad you stuck it out! I know it was tough, though. I have enjoyed following along with your posts. Proud of you girls!

  8. Congrats on supporting your cause, in the heat no less. Honestly, I had never heard of fracking. Thanks for getting me in the know.

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