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Marianna Nichols Bloggers Inspiring Change

Marianna Nichols

Creators of the Environmental site BloggersInspiringChange.org took turns interviewing one another about why they decided to take on such a time consuming yet heart warming project. Here is what Marianna from the influential Green Living blog Marianna.me had to say.

Lee: What made you interested in getting involved with BloggersInspiringChange.org?

Marianna: Well, Lee, I don’t think you gave me much of a choice? Seriously though, when you contacted me about how you saw Mark Ruffalo talking about fracking and if I knew what it was, I did some research. And what I learned about fracking made me sad and quite frankly, sick. The environment is something that has always been important to me so when you came to me with this, I immediately jumped on board.

Lee: Well honestly this is true, I am a driving force when I want something. If you refuse, I’ll persuade you. What are some projects you hope to work on in the near future?

Marianna: The most important thing I think right now is educating people on the dangers of fracking. I consider myself to be pretty much aware of what is going on in the environment and yet I had no clue about this. That tells me that the majority of people do not know what fracking is and the harm it is causing our Earth and people. Outside of the anti-fracking issue I’m very passionate about alternative energy. That is important to me. It is why I love going to the Ford conferences and learning about what strides they are making with electric vehicles and other alternative fuels. (Nothing to do with Adrian Grenier being there I swear). I want to see this Country and all Countries moving away from fossil fuels and to renewable sources of energy. We need to put more time, energy and money into solar and wind power and not at the slow pace were currently moving.

Also our food. The crap that we put in our bodies is ridiculous and we wonder why cancer rates are up and obesity is getting out of control. I want everyone to pay more attention to what they are putting in their bodies and I want them to make a change.
Lee: What do you hope to gain from BloggersInspiringChange?

Marianna: I’m hoping to educate people. Educate them on not only fracking, but all the other ways we are harming our world, and what we can do to change all of that. I would like to attend some rallies in New York City. I’d prefer peaceful rallies of course, I am the mom of 4 boys so I can’t really afford to be pepper sprayed or have my legs broken. But hey, for the right cause…kidding.

Lee: Where exactly do you see BIC going in the future?

Marianna: That is an excellent question and I have absolutely no idea. I am more of a one step at time kind of girl. We’ve got a great project coming up with Ed Begley Jr and Raphael Sbarge on fracking and I am hoping things will snowball from there. Hopefully we can also educate people on alternative energies like solar and wind turbines. With the amazing group of bloggers we have put together to collaborate on this, I see us really making a difference and inspiring people everywhere to make a change.


  1. Susan says:

    Marianna this is wonderful and I can’t wait to take this journey with you and all your friends.


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