Late Show With David Letterman! Dave Goes Off On Fracking!

A few nights ago Kyra Sedgwick, star of TNT’s The Closer, Tweeted to Mark Ruffalo, star of Indie favorite You Can Count On Me, that while she was taping The Late Show With David Letterman, Dave “Went Off About Fracking”. This spurred a lot of questions on whether he was going off for or against the process otherwise known as Hydraulic Fracturing which you can learn more about HERE.

Of course Marianna and I stayed up late and tuned into Late Show and from just about the moment it started it was apparent that Dave was very much against Fracking. He began with a few jokes about people being able to light their tap water on fire which were of course meant in a completely facetious way. We were simply glad that fracking was being talked about on Network television by someone other than Mark Ruffalo. No offense to Ruffalo of course, but even he has said that once in a while it would be nice not to be the only person showing up in the room. So having another big celebrity voicing their opinion on the matter carries a lot of weight.

After the jocular side of fracking was over Dave sat down and got to the truth of the matter. You can see that above in the video. You can also see the interview with the beautiful Kyra Sedgwick who is also a member of Artists Against Fracking by visiting this link.

We here at would like to thank David Letterman for doing his research and using his influential voice to sound off to the people of this Country on an issue that effects so many.

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