Fracking Rally in Erie, Colorado on August 28

Help stand up against fracking in Erie, Colorado by joining the moms of tomorrow, August 28, for a rally and town board meeting. Tell the town board to extend the moratorium on fracking!

Date/Time: August 28, 2012 @5:30 PM

Place: 645 Holbrook Street • Erie, CO


August 28, 2012 fracking rally in Erie, CO.

Obstacles On My Way To Washington DC, Some Big, Some Small!


Every day I’m preparing for my trip to Stop The Frack Attack Rally in Washington DC and every day I’m running in to some type of obstacle that I must overcome in order to make it.

My amazing husband Tim’s Grandmother may pass away while I’m gone. She lives here in town and we are very close. Part of me wants to cancel my plans and be here for her but everyone says I need to go fight the fight. I see her all the time and right now she doesn’t even recognize me. I visited her in the hospital Monday and I’ll visit her again Thursday before I fly out. She is wheel chair bound due to a stroke and tried to walk late Sunday night and broke her leg in two places. When they admitted her into the hospital they found her kidneys were shutting down. Now she is in a very bad place and hospice is coming in this afternoon. I ask for prayers as she is a wonderful woman and a true fighter herself. She probably wouldn’t want me to miss a rally because she was quite a rallier herself in her days.

Then there were travel arrangements. I’m not used to handling my own travel arrangements, usually I’m traveling on press trips (family vacations are usually road trips) and PR handles all of that for me. I decided I wanted to try and line something up at the same hotel as the few people I know who are attending the event. However this is the last week Congress is in session apparently so hotels are booked or booking up fast. I ended up at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill and they were kind enough to bend over backwards to cater to my every whim so that I can write up a review of their brand new rooms on my sister site where we review a lot of travel experiences. So I’ll be living in luxury during the trip and couldn’t be happier. It all worked out but for a while there I was nervous it might not and I’d be sleeping on the street. Okay I’m exaggerating but I did think I’d be out hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I get to kill two birds with one stone. First world problem people, I know. But seriously, ease me into this rally stuff gently.

I made shirts last night so that the the 4 people who follow me on Twitter who are attending the rally can recognize me by the blog logo. Yeah, I’m lame like that. Let’s just say the shirts did not turn out good. I’m just not crafty! It’s not a strong suit of mine. First off the shirt is too small for me and too large for Rebecca which is problematic. Second, the iron on transfer got all messed up. They aren’t awful but they aren’t great either. The shirt is too dark grey and you can’t see the yellow on the transfer. Insert dramatic eye roll here. Just ignore how lame I am and introduce yourself and let me dazzle you with my charm. It’ll all work out.

It’s only Wednesday so that leaves 2 more days for obstacles. Some will be big, some will be small. Either way I’ll climb them and I’ll absolutely conquer them, because that is what I do.

Mark Ruffalo Further Shows Us Small Things Will Turn Into Bigger Things!

mark ruffalo twitterYes, after tireless amounts of Tweeting and trying to get Mark’s attention it finally worked. On Tuesday July 17th around 8:45 A.M. Mark finally took notice of We would like to believe he even visited the site for a moment. We would like to hope that he’ll come back and visit again in the future. We really want him to read our Q&A’s.

As we mentioned in previous posts, this site is in no way meant to impress celebrities, however Mark is special to us. He inspired Bloggers Inspiring Change, so for him to recognize we exist was a huge deal. I’ve included the screen shot, sort of like that first $1 bill you frame at your business, to remind us that the little things can and will turn into big things.

Thanks Mark for giving us the push we need to succeed!

Lee, Marianna, Kim and Alison

Statement From Nationwide Regarding Fracking On Their Properties!

Statement from Nationwide
Submitted by JoeCase on July 12, 2012 – 6:26pm.

Here’s is Nationwide’s official response to this issue:

Nationwide has not changed our policies or guidelines. Fracking related losses have never been a covered loss under a personal or commercial lines policy.

Nationwide’s personal and commercial lines insurance policies were not designed to provide coverage for any fracking-related risks. However, Nationwide will investigate all claims submitted by our customers that they believe are the result of damage from fracking. Every Nationwide claim is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Insurance works when a carrier can accurately price the coverage to match the risks. When information and claims experience are not available to fully understand the scope of a given risk, carriers aren’t able to price protection that would be fair to both the customer and the company. From an underwriting standpoint, we do not have a comfort level with the unique risks associated with the fracking process to provide coverage at a reasonable price.

Insurance is a contract and it is designed to cover certain risks. Risks like flooding and mining or drilling are not part of our contracts, and the customer should seek out an insurer that handles these customized types of insurance.

-Joe Case, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

*Thanks to for the story