Fracking Rally in Erie, Colorado on August 28

Help stand up against fracking in Erie, Colorado by joining the moms of tomorrow, August 28, for a rally and town board meeting. Tell the town board to extend the moratorium on fracking!

Date/Time: August 28, 2012 @5:30 PM

Place: 645 Holbrook Street • Erie, CO


August 28, 2012 fracking rally in Erie, CO.

Fracking Resources and Links

Do you want to learn more about fracking or find out how you can get involved? Here is a list of sites to visit: – More than 120 artists and celebrities join forces against fracking. – A mission to protect the Delaware River Watershed. – How unconventional gas threatens our water, health, and climate. – Colorado mom-powered grassroots organization formed to protect our kids from dangers related to oil and gas operations. – Food & Water Watch works to ensure the food, water and fish we consume is safe, accessible and sustainably produced. – An organization working to protect our water, air, and public health from the dangerous practice of hydraulic fracturing. – Josh Fox examines the negative effects of natural-gas drilling, from poisoned water sources to unhealthy animals. – A global coalition of mothers that support energy sources that do not fill our children’s environment and bodies with toxic pollutants. – A broad-based coalition of New York State residents calling for a ban on the dangerous and polluting practice of fracking. – A coalition of concerned citizens and groups seeking to protect their health and their families from the gas drilling industry. – A landowner and a mineral owner on top of the Barnett Shale. – Protecting American democracy from the fossil fuel industry.

Anti-Fracking PSA With Raphael Sbarge And Ed Begley Jr.

We’ve been teasing you about this on Twitter for 2 months and the day has finally arrived, our PSA is finished. We apologize for the wait, really we do. However this was grassroots. It was you and me and her and the guy over there and our cameras and my friend who is an editor. Sure, the talent was amazing but even they did their parts in a casual setting because we weren’t going for fancy, we were concentrating on a message. And that message was hydraulic fracturing is a dangerous practice that we want you to educate yourselves on and then help fight against in your communities.

Back in the very beginning of June I got on the phone with my friend Raphael Sbarge, he’s on ABC’s Once Upon A Time, and asked him if he’d be up for doing this PSA with me. He’s a known environmentalist, running Green Wish along with Ed Begley Jr, so I was pretty sure he’d be game. I was right and he quickly agreed. I drafted a script along with the help of my very talented publicist friend who does these types of things for a living and sent it off. Within a week I had the talent portion taped and ready to roll.

Then I got in contact with the wonderful women at They are living everyday with the results of a fracked environment so I knew I wanted them in on this. Myself and Marianna both have influential mom blogs, and and so we are really suckers for a heart wrenching mom story so this site really drew us in. Now we have some great friends in Colorado who joined in and supported us through this PSA.

Please look over our press release and check out our public service announcement. We’d love some Thumbs Up and comments over on You Tube and even here on the blog. And thank you all so much for fighting the good fight.

Bloggers and Celebrities Unite to Educate Public On the Effects of Fracking

Participants Include Ed Begley Jr, Raphael Sbarge, Lee Allport, Marianna Nichols, Nichol Haskins, Jackie Pletsch, and The Mom Bloggers of

(Los Angeles, CA August 21, 2012)- Bringing together the voices of actors and celebrities such as Ed Begley Jr. and Raphael Sbarge with bloggers and online influencers, and have created a PSA to help educate the public on exactly what fracking is and how it can harm their communities.

“Fracking is a method of natural gas extraction that has the potential to poison our families. However, few people even know it’s happening, and that means there is something wrong with this situation,” said Lee Allport, Creator of

“I’m so happy to be a part of the initiative,” said Raphael Sbarge, an actor and founder of the environmental awareness organization Green Wish. “Fracking is of great concern to those of us in the environmental movement, so it’s so wonderful to take part in a grassroots effort led by many of those most directly affected by the practice. These are the voices that need to be heard.”

Beyond this PSA, and the various participants ask that viewers at home get involved in fighting fracking in their communities by writing to your elected officials or supporting organizations such as

The PSA can be viewed online here For additional information on Bloggers Inspiring Change, please visit and to learn about how fracking has affected people by visiting


Our Ed Begley Jr./Raphael Sbarge Anti Fracking PSA Is On The Way!

Over the past few weeks we have been busy shooting video for our big Fracking PSA. It has required a lot of takes and retakes (and more retakes) as we tried to get the perfect shots. With four young boys in my house, it was certainly a challenge for me to get some quiet in order to film. Eventually I gave up and just headed outside with my camera. After a lot of hard work from all involved, we are now in the final stages of it and we cannot wait to share the video with everyone.

We have some great bloggers participating in it like Lee and myself as well as Nichol, who lives in Upstate New York.  We also have some of the moms from involved since they are truly on the front lines of the fracking battle right now.  Of course the big stars of the video are Ed Begley Jr. and Raphael Sbarge, well known actors and environmental activists. We are so honored that they took time out of their busy schedules to work with us on this important project. Our hope is that our Fracking PSA Video will make more people aware of fracking and its dangers and get them to take action to stop it.

So keep your eye out, we hope to release the video very soon!

Stop The Frack Attack Washington DC Rally Day!

I woke up on Stop the Frack Attack rally day around 10:30 AM with a slight headache which bummed me out because I knew it would be a long day ahead. I hurriedly got ready and headed down stairs for breakfast with Angela Fox and her gang. We got the banners sorted out, put buttons on, ribbons in our hair and made sure everyone around knew where we were going. I was surprised by how many people followed us when they heard what it was we were marching for. Clean water for our children definitely strikes a chord inside people.

Stop the frack attack photos, hydraulic fracturing protest

When it was time to leave the hotel we rolled out the large banner and started marching. We marched to the West lawn of the Capital building. We were pretty early but there were quite a few people already camped out. We walked around, took pictures of people and their signs, allowed them to take pictures of our signs and banner and in general just made some new friends and contacts. I searched around for people from Dryden, where my property is in New York. Luckily I finally found a few people and made fast friends. After a nice conversation and promises of meeting up for dinner in the future it was time to move on. It was a very zen meet up on the Hill. Everyone was at peace with one another, no one was protesting against us, it was just zen.

Once the rally got rolling it began getting really crowded and the heat just kept rising. I started feeling really awful and couldn’t get enough water, luckily I had brought my large Camelbak bottle (a thank you gift from Matt Damon for my work with and there were plenty of water stations to refill. We listened to many speakers explain to us how Fracking has effected their land and what they want done about it. Numerous people have plans to change the way Government and the Oil companies think and I have huge amounts of respect for these people. I stand behind their efforts.

stop the frack attack oil rigs, hydraulic fracturing oil rigs, stop the frack attack protest

After many interviews, tons of pictures and more speakers than I could count I was done. I was praying for the end. Just let it end people. I was willing to write a check for whatever amount would make it end. It was just so hot and I couldn’t stand it. No one could, it wasn’t just me, our whole group had wilted. If I had to hear one more folk song or one more hippy poem about the dangers of contaminating the water I was calling a car to come and get me. It wasn’t my proudest moment but I bet you a ton of people would have tried to pile in with me!

Finally it was time to march. I figured I’d just skip that part because I was beyond done, but my new friend Kathleen was a really great inspiration and so off we went. We marched and marched. I saw so many things, so many interesting people, some terrifying crazy people who give causes such as this a bad name. We stopped at both the American Natural Gas Alliance and the American Petroleum Institute, both who say Hydraulic Fracturing is perfectly safe for our water, but we disagree and thanks to Tour De Frack we had gallons of water to prove it!

Now that this is all said and done I can honestly tell you I’m more of a gala girl. I’d rather buy an expensive ticket to something and then dance the night away in a fancy gown still supporting my cause. Or possibly take part in something a little less out in the sun and energy exerting. But you know what, I did this and I’m really proud of myself. I’m not saying I won’t do it again because I might. I’m just saying it wasn’t exactly “my bag”. But I’ve surprised people in the past so what’s not to say I won’t do it again.


Stop The Frack Attack Rally Sessions Friday With Josh Fox Speaking Live!

So when I last left off we’d all convened in a hot church to learn how to fight the war against hydraulic fracturing. I chose to spend my morning becoming further versed in the social media and media outreach. I learned about media outreach from Stephanie Spear from If you haven’t checked this environmental site out you should, Spear and her team work hard to bring all the causes to light. She taught us a lot about press releases and media alerts.

Afterwards I sat and listened to Amy Neumann from Huffington Post talk about Social Media. Obviously this is a strong area for me but I still learned a few things. She was great and I hope we meet at a future function! I’d love to team up with her and co teach a beginners blogging class with a social media class included! I think she and I both noticed how many blogging questions the attendees had and I offered up my services and had quite a few people meet me at the door for some help. I’ve been doing this a long time, going on 4 years at and I’m always happy to help.

But when I say “at the door” I mean I was bolting once this class was over. Rebecca and I were soaking wet and so tired. We simply could not stay in St. Stephens Church another moment. We down to Thaitanic restaurant for a nice lunch, just the two of us and then headed home for a nap. The heat just zapped us of all our energy. Since fracking isn’t currently happening in the community I reside I decided if we missed the National Strategy Meeting it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

At 6:00 PM Angela Fox, Rebecca and I headed out to dinner which as partly a nightmare due to parking (we should have taken the subway) and we met up with a great group from Colorado at Alero Mexican Restaurant. The food was excellent and the conversation was even better. We talked about The Mother’s Project and how we can join together and help keep this planet clean for the future of our children. Trust me when I say this isn’t some easy feat. We have our work cut out for us.

Josh Fox, Gasland, Lee Allport, Nielsen Mom, MySentimentExactLee

It was soon time to leave though, because the moment I’d been waiting for all day was coming up. It was time for the Town Hall Panel Discussion and Josh Fox would be speaking. As I’ve mentioned before Josh is the creator of Gasland and I find him to be an entertaining speaker. This time he told a Stephen King story. I’d say you had to be there, but I did a really great half ass job taping it for you so you could experience it for yourself. He talks about how the press wasn’t there.

But I was there. I didn’t raise my hand when he asked because I’m not CNN, but I am a Nielsen Mom, I have a blog with a high page ranking and really great social media following. I know how to SEO the heck out of a story to get it picked up and I undoubtedly have a Birkin bag full of traditional media contacts. I’m pretty sure I can do some good, I mean, isn’t this why I started in the first place?

Afterwards I was introduced to Josh by his mother, who was excited for us to meet. Unfortunately he was a bit preoccupied because he was in his natural habitat with friends he hadn’t seen in a long time and I respect that. However, if he is smart and I believe he is, he’ll find the time to sit down and chat with me and figure out how he can incorporate influential mom bloggers in his future documentaries, speeches, lessons and any other event in which he takes part. Because when the mom bloggers offer their help one simply doesn’t pass up the opportunity, we have far too good a track record in spreading the word. 😉

Rally day starts tomorrow so keep an eye out!

Arriving In Washington DC For The Stop The Frack Attack Rally!

You’ll have to understand that I’m not used to writing anything overly serious. By nature I’m a comedic writer, an Entertainment writer with a very certain type of voice. By certain I mean sarcastic. I realize that my style doesn’t fit well with this group. You take your cause very seriously and I respect that. However, that being said, you are just going to have to put up with me because I rarely apologize. But keep in mind, this cause, your cause, is my cause too and while I may be able to make a joke or have a sarcastic attitude, I do care.

When I landed in DC for the Stop The Frack Attack rally weekend my close friend from high school Rebecca picked me up from the airport. I was starving and quite “hangry” and trust me, you won’t like me when I’m hangry. I quickly found somewhere to grab something to eat and things turned around. Rebecca was simply along for this ride and knew even less about fracking than me. I took some time to fill her in and told her she didn’t have to decide whether she was for or against the practice until people far more educated than myself filled her in during the sessions.

After an awkward game of footsie (I’m not used to sharing a bed with anyone besides my husband and I was half asleep so don’t judge me) and very little sleep we got up far too early and headed over to St. Stephens Church. The DC Metro annoys me because although it is extremely clean, it’s spread out, a lot of walking is involved and you can wait a long time between trains. When you are tired and hot (did I mention how intensely hot it is in DC) this just is miserable. But after quite a walk we finally made it.

Once we entered the church we found it had no air conditioning. Are you f*cking kidding me? Neither myself or Rebecca are made for this. We are both a bit…Blanche Dubois you might say. Luckily we weren’t the only ones sweating up a storm and whining so we didn’t feel that bad about it. This church though, wow. What a rich history, I’ll be writing a post about it on MySentimentExactLee because it really piqued my interest. I’d attend if I lived in DC, if they were willing to get an AC that is.

Right off the bat we began making friends. So many people had come out early in the morning to find out how they could help put an end to hydraulic fracturing in their community. Listening to all these stories really helped attach a sense of kinship to the situation I hadn’t been able to immerse myself in previously. It’s one thing to read some tweets and read a comment here and there on an article, but to see it and hear it in person, heart wrenching.

More to come…we’re just getting started.

Obstacles On My Way To Washington DC, Some Big, Some Small!


Every day I’m preparing for my trip to Stop The Frack Attack Rally in Washington DC and every day I’m running in to some type of obstacle that I must overcome in order to make it.

My amazing husband Tim’s Grandmother may pass away while I’m gone. She lives here in town and we are very close. Part of me wants to cancel my plans and be here for her but everyone says I need to go fight the fight. I see her all the time and right now she doesn’t even recognize me. I visited her in the hospital Monday and I’ll visit her again Thursday before I fly out. She is wheel chair bound due to a stroke and tried to walk late Sunday night and broke her leg in two places. When they admitted her into the hospital they found her kidneys were shutting down. Now she is in a very bad place and hospice is coming in this afternoon. I ask for prayers as she is a wonderful woman and a true fighter herself. She probably wouldn’t want me to miss a rally because she was quite a rallier herself in her days.

Then there were travel arrangements. I’m not used to handling my own travel arrangements, usually I’m traveling on press trips (family vacations are usually road trips) and PR handles all of that for me. I decided I wanted to try and line something up at the same hotel as the few people I know who are attending the event. However this is the last week Congress is in session apparently so hotels are booked or booking up fast. I ended up at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill and they were kind enough to bend over backwards to cater to my every whim so that I can write up a review of their brand new rooms on my sister site where we review a lot of travel experiences. So I’ll be living in luxury during the trip and couldn’t be happier. It all worked out but for a while there I was nervous it might not and I’d be sleeping on the street. Okay I’m exaggerating but I did think I’d be out hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I get to kill two birds with one stone. First world problem people, I know. But seriously, ease me into this rally stuff gently.

I made shirts last night so that the the 4 people who follow me on Twitter who are attending the rally can recognize me by the blog logo. Yeah, I’m lame like that. Let’s just say the shirts did not turn out good. I’m just not crafty! It’s not a strong suit of mine. First off the shirt is too small for me and too large for Rebecca which is problematic. Second, the iron on transfer got all messed up. They aren’t awful but they aren’t great either. The shirt is too dark grey and you can’t see the yellow on the transfer. Insert dramatic eye roll here. Just ignore how lame I am and introduce yourself and let me dazzle you with my charm. It’ll all work out.

It’s only Wednesday so that leaves 2 more days for obstacles. Some will be big, some will be small. Either way I’ll climb them and I’ll absolutely conquer them, because that is what I do.

The Mothers Project Needs Your Help to Save Colorado from Hydrofracking

We have already talked about what fracking is, now we need to start doing something about it. Hydrofracking is happening across our country at an alarming rate, and it will take the voices of the people to get it to stop. Colorado is one of the states at the front lines of this battle and The Mothers Project needs your help there. The Mother’s Project was started by Angela Monti Fox, mother to Josh Fox who made the movie Gasland, in March 2012 to unite mothers across this world against hydraulic fracturing. Lee has been in touch with Angela over the past few weeks and they will be meeting up at the Stop The Frack Attack rally in Washington, D.C. this weekend.

The Mothers Project

Here is an excerpt from The Mothers Project mission statement:

“This is a global coalition of mothers formed on behalf of children who cannot vote or make public policy. As their advocates and protectors, we support energy sources that do not fill our children’s environment—and thus their bodies—with toxic pollutants. Recognizing that our children’s lives are inextricably bound to the abiding ecology of the planet, we support energy sources that do not threaten the stability of the world’s climate, acidify its oceans, or fill the air with asthma- inducing, cancer-causing fumes. As mothers are the first environments for our children, we mothers support energy sources that do not threaten the inner sanctuaries of pregnancy with chemicals linked to birth defects, preterm birth, and cognitive deficits.”

Right now, they need your help in saving Colorado from hydrofracking. If you are an organization that opposes fracking, please SIGN THIS LETTER that will then be delivered in person to senators this Friday, July 27.

“Colorado is under assault from the oil and gas industry. As the industry moves full speed ahead with the fracking boom, residents across the state are organizing to protect their property values, way of life, health, environment, communities, and future generations from the impacts of oil and natural gas extraction.”

Every voice counts and every voice helps, so please join their cause today.

I’ll Be At Stop The Frack Attack This Weekend In Washington DC

stop the frack attack

To say I’m a bit nervous would probably be an understatement. I can walk on to a set of a television show to interview talent or onto a stage to speak at a conference without a hint of nerves, but for some reason walking into this terrifies me. I feel uneducated compared to everyone else. I feel inferior in so many ways. But then again it’s one of the main reasons I’ve made the decision to travel to Stop the Frack Attack in Washington DC this coming weekend. I have two little boys and the property that will one day belong to them sits atop the Marcellus Shale. It’s a matter of interest.

I’ve never attended a rally of any type and although this is most definitely a peaceful rally I’m still full of anxiety. I’ve mentioned before I’m certainly no Martin Sheen so getting arrested doesn’t jive with me. But I more invision sitting on a nice blanket just listening to the speakers.

A very nice woman named Angela Fox has taken me under her wing because we have a mutual interest in working together. She runs The Mother’s Project has a mission that supports the children. As their advocates and protectors, we support energy sources that do not fill our children’s environment—and thus their bodies—with toxic pollutants. There is so much more to it than that so I ask that you check it out at the link above. I’m very excited to meet Angela and spend some time with her, we’re going to share a meal and this will be the highlight of my trip. I will always make time for someone that wants to talk Mom “stuff”. Especially when that mom stuff is so important.

Angela also happens to be the mother of Josh Fox, creator of the Anti Fracking documentary Gasland and The Sky Is Pink. In a sense I consider him the “Godfather” of Anti Fracking. He is a speaker at the event and the person I’m the most interested in hearing. I hope to spend some time with him as well. I think the two of us could work together in a beneficial way. So fingers crossed that works out.

All in all this will be quite an experience. I hope you will keep an eye on my live tweets @bloggersinspire and follow the blog posts I leave here each night.