Anti-Fracking PSA With Raphael Sbarge And Ed Begley Jr.

We’ve been teasing you about this on Twitter for 2 months and the day has finally arrived, our PSA is finished. We apologize for the wait, really we do. However this was grassroots. It was you and me and her and the guy over there and our cameras and my friend who is an editor. Sure, the talent was amazing but even they did their parts in a casual setting because we weren’t going for fancy, we were concentrating on a message. And that message was hydraulic fracturing is a dangerous practice that we want you to educate yourselves on and then help fight against in your communities.

Back in the very beginning of June I got on the phone with my friend Raphael Sbarge, he’s on ABC’s Once Upon A Time, and asked him if he’d be up for doing this PSA with me. He’s a known environmentalist, running Green Wish along with Ed Begley Jr, so I was pretty sure he’d be game. I was right and he quickly agreed. I drafted a script along with the help of my very talented publicist friend who does these types of things for a living and sent it off. Within a week I had the talent portion taped and ready to roll.

Then I got in contact with the wonderful women at They are living everyday with the results of a fracked environment so I knew I wanted them in on this. Myself and Marianna both have influential mom blogs, and and so we are really suckers for a heart wrenching mom story so this site really drew us in. Now we have some great friends in Colorado who joined in and supported us through this PSA.

Please look over our press release and check out our public service announcement. We’d love some Thumbs Up and comments over on You Tube and even here on the blog. And thank you all so much for fighting the good fight.

Bloggers and Celebrities Unite to Educate Public On the Effects of Fracking

Participants Include Ed Begley Jr, Raphael Sbarge, Lee Allport, Marianna Nichols, Nichol Haskins, Jackie Pletsch, and The Mom Bloggers of

(Los Angeles, CA August 21, 2012)- Bringing together the voices of actors and celebrities such as Ed Begley Jr. and Raphael Sbarge with bloggers and online influencers, and have created a PSA to help educate the public on exactly what fracking is and how it can harm their communities.

“Fracking is a method of natural gas extraction that has the potential to poison our families. However, few people even know it’s happening, and that means there is something wrong with this situation,” said Lee Allport, Creator of

“I’m so happy to be a part of the initiative,” said Raphael Sbarge, an actor and founder of the environmental awareness organization Green Wish. “Fracking is of great concern to those of us in the environmental movement, so it’s so wonderful to take part in a grassroots effort led by many of those most directly affected by the practice. These are the voices that need to be heard.”

Beyond this PSA, and the various participants ask that viewers at home get involved in fighting fracking in their communities by writing to your elected officials or supporting organizations such as

The PSA can be viewed online here For additional information on Bloggers Inspiring Change, please visit and to learn about how fracking has affected people by visiting


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