Our Ed Begley Jr./Raphael Sbarge Anti Fracking PSA Is On The Way!

Over the past few weeks we have been busy shooting video for our big Fracking PSA. It has required a lot of takes and retakes (and more retakes) as we tried to get the perfect shots. With four young boys in my house, it was certainly a challenge for me to get some quiet in order to film. Eventually I gave up and just headed outside with my camera. After a lot of hard work from all involved, we are now in the final stages of it and we cannot wait to share the video with everyone.

We have some great bloggers participating in it like Lee and myself as well as Nichol, who lives in Upstate New York.  We also have some of the moms from ErieRising.com involved since they are truly on the front lines of the fracking battle right now.  Of course the big stars of the video are Ed Begley Jr. and Raphael Sbarge, well known actors and environmental activists. We are so honored that they took time out of their busy schedules to work with us on this important project. Our hope is that our Fracking PSA Video will make more people aware of fracking and its dangers and get them to take action to stop it.

So keep your eye out, we hope to release the video very soon!

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